It’s not the end

I know that the world will not end on December 21. And I know that when we wake up on the next day and find ourselves very much alive, we will suffer an overdose of Facebook statuses (could it get worse than 12-12-12?). I definitely don’t want to be one of those annoying people on that day, so I am posting about it now (see what a smart ass I am?).

Most of us don’t believe that the world is about to end, and we’ve barely given it any thought. Yet, there is that 1% thought at the very, very back of our head that says “WHAT IF?”.

WHAT IF the Mayan calendar was right? WHAT IF the world does end on Dec 21?

Am I ready to stop living? Have I accomplished everything I want in life? Was my life meaningful? Did I treat the people I love well? Did I show them I care? Is there anyone I need to apologize to? Any issues I need to resolve? Anything I will regret not doing? The questions are endless.

The beauty of December 21 is that it defies all predictions and gives everyone another chance at life. It opens our eyes that life is not finite and that everyday on earth is a gift. It reminds us that no day should be taken for granted and that we were given a life to actually live it.

So when you do wake up on the 21st (and trust me, you will), please do take advantage of that chance you were given. Live life, take chances, follow your dreams, quit that job you hate, pursue you passions, work on that to-do list, let go of burdens, challenge yourself, love deeply, try something new and take on new adventures, fix your mistakes, redeem yourself, seek what makes you happy, and make use of your time on Earth. Start now, stop postponing.

And if you’re one of those who truly believe that the world is about to end in a few days, then do it all before the 21st, you’ve still got a few days left!


3 thoughts on “It’s not the end

  1. I agree with you that people who have seen that the world did not end can now embrace each day as a gift. I honestly didn’t think it was and never felt any anxiety from it. I just thought the Indian’s might have gotten tired making the calendar and just stopped on that day. Who knows what might have distracted that Indian that made him quit on 12/21/12 but it wasn’t the end. but maybe the beginning for those who believed it was true.

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