Happy New You

For the past few days, I’ve meaning to write something about New Year’s. But for some reasons, every time I gave it a shot, I just ended up deleting everything I wrote only to start all over again. No matter what I wrote, I just wasn’t satisfied with it. Maybe I ran out of inspiration for this topic, maybe my words didn’t feel real, maybe I didn’t want to repeat the same things that everyone else is saying. I didn’t want to sound too philosophical, too dreamy or too unrealistic, and I definitely didn’t want to sound like a life instructions manual or a Hallmark greeting card.

And just as I’m writing this, I realized that I am now breaking one of my New Year resolutions on the very first day of the year. I was supposed to sleep early tonight so that I could wake up early tomorrow and hit the gym in the morning. Ouch, that’s three resolutions in just one sentence. But here I am, writing this post instead of going to sleep (it’s past midnight where I live). And chances are, I won’t be waking up early tomorrow either. I’ll probably snooze the alarm the second it rings and convince myself that I’ll go to gym after work and sink back into a deep sleep. A sleep so deep that will not only make me skip gym before work, but will make me late for work too. And I’m almost sure that as the day ends, I will find another excuse to not go to the gym in the evening and will say “tomorrow”. Of course, the next day, the same vicious cycle will be repeated.

So much for resolutions!

Oh well, at least I’m writing. That was one of my resolutions for this year: going back to writing. I even started it early in December before the New Year (you know, just in case the world did end).

So why do we make resolutions if we know we can’t keep them? Probably because we’re too lazy to do them right now, so we postpone them until the New Year. And when the New Year does come, we realize how stupid that was and that we might as well live with our bad habits and flaws because we just can’t change them. Yup, sad reality.

But that doesn’t mean that we should stop making resolutions. I personally think that it only means we’ve been doing it the wrong way all those years! After all, New Year is a chance to start new and fresh, to look forward and change perspectives, to pick ourselves up and try again. I don’t really see where sleeping early fits into all of this (excuses, excuses).

So my friends, this year let’s look at resolutions with another perspective. Let’s think beyond what is considered a few bad habits, and think of the more meaningful stuff. The things that make us happy. Maybe it’s not our bad habits that we should change, but our way of thinking. And maybe, we should stop thinking about “changing” but rather about “evolving“.

Now that I’ve written this, I have totally changed my resolutions for this year. In 2013, I may or may not sleep early, wake up early, exercise more often, eat less chocolate, get back in shape, spend a little less money, get to work on time, etc… But this is not what will define my year.

In 2013, I want to see myself evolve as a person. I want to do the things I love, be around the people who make me feel good and who bring out the best in me. I want to search for inspirations, write about them, and inspire people with my writing. I want to make the most out of this year, and make every moment in it count. I want to travel, I want to have fun, I want to live. When things get tough, I want to survive it. When I fail, I won’t give up and will try again. I want to be positive and I don’t want to waste my energy worrying about silly stuff, or waste time around people who don’t add anything positive to my life. I want to stay true to myself. I want to smile everyday and make the people around me smile. In 2013, I want to be happy.

2013 Resolutions: Be Happy

So tell me, what are YOUR resolutions for 2013?


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