A tribute to Lebanese Girls

I decided to write this post because whenever I come across a blog/post about Lebanese society, the Lebanese girls are, sadly enough, almost always portrayed in a negative way (fake, snobby, slutty, materialistic, made of plastic, self-centered, etc…). The readers laugh along, and many rush to like, share, and comment. No matter how harsh the article is, you will always find a comment that says “you forgot to mention this (*insert bad quality*) and that (*insert another bad quality*)”. What’s funny is that most of the time, the writer and readers are actually Lebanese.

Being Lebanese, it saddens me when I read this, but yet I can’t quite argue with those articles, because unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to it. Lebanese girls these days, especially the ones that are mostly seen in the media (celebrities, social figures…), or in the snobby magazines and prestigious night clubs, are doing us the dishonor of representing us and have totally ruined the image of the real Lebanese girl.

But all of you who have Lebanese friends, sisters, girlfriends, etc… know that this isn’t entirely true and that there is more to the Lebanese girls than they are given credit for. But people always talk about the bad stuff and that is why the real image of the Lebanese girl is never portrayed. So today I want to dedicate this post to the Lebanese girls that I know, the real and wonderful friends that I have, the ones that we never talk about. To all my great Lebanese girlfriends, this is a tribute to all of you!

The Real Lebanese Girl:

The real Lebanese girlThe Lebanese girl is a caring and loyal friend, and she values friendship a lot. She is always there to listen, to give advice, and would do anything to help her friends when they need it. She is there in the good times and in the bad times.

She is open-minded, has an open heart and does not judge, yet she is also conservative and has her values.

She is beautiful, elegant and very fashion oriented, but there is a lot more to her than her outer beauty. She is smart, talented, successful and independent. She is a hard-worker who takes on responsibilities, well educated, and sometimes even over qualified. She has a Master’s degree, and she’ll even surprise you with a PhD.

She is very generous, very welcoming, and an excellent host. She’ll offer you her food, home, car, cloths if she thinks you need it.

She is not afraid to give compliments, because she knows it won’t make her any less beautiful. She appreciates the good people in her life, and will show her appreciation whenever she can. She is genuine and real, and will not waste time around people who don’t matter.

She likes to have fun, laugh out loud, enjoy a drink, and she loves to party. She likes to go to the new and happening places to enjoy good times with her friends and not just to be seen.

She may not be the best driver in the world, but at least she gets around by herself, and doesn’t need a man in a luxury car to come and pick her up and drive her around.

She loves to be treated like a princess, but she’ll also treat her man like a king. She likes to be pampered and invited every now and then, but she doesn’t depend on anyone.

Every now and then, she likes to reward herself with some expensive and branded cloths, but on her regular days, she is more than happy to dress in the down to earth Mango, Zara, Vero Moda, H&M outfits.

She values family dearly and gives extreme importance to family time. She is an appreciative and loving daughter, a caring and protective sister, and a devoted mother.

She travels around the world, but never forgets her roots, her family and her friends.

She’ll never miss any of your events. She’ll party with you on your birthday, celebrate with you on your graduation, send you flowers on your engagement, get drunk with you on your bachelorette, and be the first at your wedding. She’ll also hold your hand at your relative’s funeral, check on you when you’re sick, bring you chocolate during your exams, and jog with you to help you lose the calories once you’re done.

She is ambitious and follows her dreams. She is passionate about certain causes, pours her heart into campaigns and charities, and attends fundraising and awareness events for causes she believes in.

She is a jewel that deserves to be appreciated and praised. She is rare, but she still exists.

Like and share if you know any real Lebanese girls like that!


72 thoughts on “A tribute to Lebanese Girls

  1. It is very true and thank you for the post and clarifications… not trying to be negative but there is some spelling mistakes in this post and this shows a bad image 😉

    • Thanks for your comment Noha 🙂 I wrote this post from the heart because I really wanted the world to see that Lebanese girls are indeed wonderful. Sorry if there was some mistakes, but I’m pretty sure the world is already impressed that we can actually write two words of English altogether so I wouldn’t worry about sending a bad image 😉 Btw, you also have a grammar mistake: it’s “there are some spelling mistakes”, not “there is some spelling mistakes” 😉 Have a great day!

      • comment of the year!!!! I am a brother to one of those girls you talked about, and son of another. I cheer for you everyday and hope one day people will know the real truth.

  2. the post’s main topic is interesting, but i did’t like the writing style.
    I found some sentences cheesy or childish… like “she is open-minded, has an open heart and does not judge, yet she is also conservative and has her values”…
    I wondered if you were gonna add “and works for the world’s peace” later on.

    Nevertheless, I loved this one: “she may not be the best driver in the world, but at least she gets around by herself, and doesn’t need a man in a luxury car to come and pick her up and drive her around”.
    And in my opinion, you should have written the whole article like that: “she may not be as open-minded as Europeans, BUT she she’s enough open-minded to do blablabla and enough conservative to do blablabla.”… which would have given each idea concrete material and humanity in my opinion.

    Anyways, that was another blogger’s opinion / critique… I hope you don’t take it as a personal offense (because it’s not) and keep on blogging!

    • Hey Tony! First, I really wanna thank you for reading my post and for taking the time to write this comment! And don’t worry, I didn’t take it as a personal offense, on the contrary I really appreciate everything you said 🙂

      To be honest, when I wrote this post back in January, I didn’t really expect anyone to read it except for my friends and regular readers so I didn’t try to write it from a “journalistic” approach. Also, I don’t know if you visited the rest of my blog, but apart from this post, I don’t normally write about Lebanon. My blog is mostly about positive thinking, inspirational posts and self-empowerment and so it’s not exactly a typical Lebanese blog. At the exception of my friends, most of my readers are not Lebanese and come from different parts of the world, and so I wanted to show them an image of where I come from and at the same time dedicate this post to my wonderful Lebanese friends. But I also didn’t want to totally go off-subject and deviate from what this blog is about and so my focus was not to provide detailed examples or open up controversial or political issues, I just wanted to focus on simple but positive traits such as friendship, family, education, independence, etc… which is why I didn’t cover everything or give enough concrete material to other subjects.

      But you are right, now that I re-read the part you highlighted, I agree with you that this part specifically is a little too cheesy and since it sounded too general and too boastful, I should have probably omitted that part. Of course, I don’t mean to say that Lebanese girls are angels or saints or better than others (or even contributing to world peace 🙂 ), but I just wanted to portray a positive image and show that in spite of all the stereotypes, Lebanese girls really do make great friends, sisters, mothers and daughters. I hope that more people will write positive articles about us and that they will do it with a better writing style than me, and maybe tackle other points that I didn’t cover.

      I’m happy that you did like some parts of the post though, and I really thank you again for your comment which I definitely value. Finally, you mentioned you were a blogger so please do share a link to your blog, I would really love to read your posts. Cheers!

      • Hello Dudzi,
        i’m actually an ex-blogger… i had a blog with 2 friends: toomextra.com , but i’m taking a break now 🙂
        … and may be i’ll be blogging again someday, who knows!
        meanwhile keep on posting… “as if it was the last post of your life”, Miss Cheesy hahaha :p

      • Keep on expressing YOUR feelings and if people have problem with well then they don’t have to read your thoughts. I’m amazed on a daily basis with how quickly most take a positive and turn it to a negative. This article comes from your heart and its your truth and you should be proud of that. Keep projecting the good there’s enough bad out there in the world, as you can see by some of these replies.

    • Sorry, there is no honor in being Lebanese, American, etc.
      People are just born with a nationality, there is nothing to boast about.
      You can gain honor in what you do, at least, this my honest opinion.
      Have a great day!

      • Hey Walid, I absolutely agree with you when you say that we gain honor in the things we do and not the things we are born with. Actually, most of my blog is dedicated to this kind of positive thinking about life and building your own character and so on, please feel free to have a look at my other posts if you are interested. This is my only post about Lebanon, so I don’t spend my whole time boasting about it. But I still think there is no harm in loving where you come from and defending it. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. so wait… u just mentioned everything that a man looks for in a woman (the fantasy woman in that case) and u put “Lebanese Woman before it hehehe 🙂 good post. But be fair and mention those women in your post that are really making the rest of you look bad, one sentence about that is not fair. now excuse my french: you got the Lebanese Woman that is a cheater, gold digger, liar, daddy’s girl, airhead, bimbo, whore, etc etc… and THOSE are the one that are making u look bad. (and what I just mentioned and u just mentioned are qualities in all men and women, not just Lebanese… just saying, regardless that it’s a Lebanese post)


    • Hehehe Sean, I liked your comment 🙂 But seriously, is that really the description of the fantasy woman? Coz it seems to me that men are too busy running after the other type of women you just described 😉 lol. Anyway, yeah I know that both those good and bad qualities exist in all men and women regardless of their nationalities, but since too many negative articles and comments have been written over and over again about Lebanese women as if they’re the only women in the world who have plastic surgery, dress provocatively, like to show off, care about money, etc etc…, I thought it’s only fair to have at least one positive article about the rest of the Lebanese girls who aren’t like that 🙂

  4. Seriously ! It looks like marketing the Lebanese girl! You can find most of these caracteristics in a GIRL not only a lebanese girl. Stop promoting lebanese please.

    • Why should she?! that’s who she is and that’s who she’s defending – haven’t you ever stood for something you believe in? i wish people like you would relax and the world would be a much better place. Sure she could talk about other women but she specifically defending the honor of Lebanese women because clearly she’s had enough from the media representation of, AGAIN, Lebanese women. Hey I have an idea if you have such a strong opinion why don’t you write something about ALL women and leave her alone. Cheers 🙂

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  6. A lot of such articles are needed to clean the picture for Lebanese girls, although i know that it is unfair for some.
    The highest number of unmarried girls in The middle east is in Lebanon reference the report on MTV with these statistics takes from some foreign Magazine.
    This result did not come from nothing, i think the Lebanese girls should keep their nose a bit down and ask for less.
    And i am very positive that some started to change their way of thinking .

  7. To Leila …,.
    Take a chill pill lady – this girl pours her heart out and you have to knock her down by spell checking. Geez talk about uptight. To the writer very touching – keep on keepin on

    • Hey Sarah! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m gonna reply to all three of your comments here in one comment. First, although I don’t know you, but I can tell that you are definitely one of the girls I was writing about in my article and I really want to thank you for all your comments, sweet words and encouragement. I really do write from the heart and, in spite of some of the negative comments that this post received, I still stand by every word I wrote and I am proud of it. I can’t get everyone to agree with me, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and do I accept all their criticism with a positive heart. I am the kind of person who writes to uplift others and inspire them, and so knowing that I was able to touch just one person with my words is more than enough for me and it makes any other negative comment not matter. I’m the kind of person who focuses on the positive things and today what I see is a post that has been shared over and over again among many people, and what I hear is the positive and inspiring comments (like yours 🙂 ) and this alone makes me happy 🙂 Thank you again for your support and your uplifting words!

  8. Love the article. Actually, I believe Lebanese girls are indeed among the most skilled drivers in the world. It’s not their fault there are no real traffic rules to follow there.
    They are also the most resilient and don’t fall apart at the first sign of adversity.
    BTW, clothes, not cloths.
    Please keep this positive stuff coming.

    • Thank you very much Tony for your nice and positive comment! I’m happy to know you liked this post and also impressed that you think we are good drivers (guys never like to admit that girls drive well!), so thanks!! 🙂

  9. I’m sorry, but I can’t agree with this blog post. I have lived here for a year. The many (girl) friends that I made happened to 1) gossip about me 2) attempted to flirt with my boyfriend via facebook. The majority of Lebanese girls are nothing but opportunistic, unmotivated, unprofessional, untalented, materialistic, snobby little girls that think that they know everything since they’ve memorized a few books.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had bad experiences with Lebanese girls. Of course I don’t claim that all Lebanese girls are like I described in my post, I am just trying to defend the few good ones that are left because in my opinion they also deserve to be talked about. I hope you do meet a few genuine and real friends here in Lebanon so that you can change your mind about us. I just wanna add one last thing about the last part of your comment: there are a lot of talented women and men in Lebanon but maybe the lack of opportunities and the discouraging situations is what has killed their motivation. Anyway, I thank you for reading my post and for commenting, and I sincerely wish you better experiences in Lebanon.

  10. I have at least 5 people sharing this article on facebook which means they are pretty much enjoying it and i congratulate you on that! On the other hand, This article discusses maybe good manners..but it shouldnt be generalized to lebanese girls or any other nationality! Each person is unique! I can have more similarities with a specific canadian girl (or any other nationality) than with another leb girl! I really hope you consider that and please dont take it in a wrong way..we really need to think outside of our borders and stop stereotyping in a good or in a bad way! Thanks and goodluck with your blog!

  11. What tosh – the only thing a Lebanese girl is loyal to is her man’s credit card, and has no hesitation in stabbing her sister in the back if it means getting a head (or giving it, for that matter). She only attends charity events when ahlan! attends in the hope of getting herself plastered on its pages or because she wants to land a rich philanthroper with more money than sense.

    • That’s too bad. I know a lot of girls who aren’t like that and those are the ones I wrote this post for. But you know something, maybe if guys had more confidence in themselves and used something other than their credit cards to attract girls (I don’t know, maybe their brains, hearts, humor…), then maybe there would be less and less girls like the ones you just talked about. And maybe if guys stopped chasing these kind of floozies, then less girls would want to be or act like that because they would know they don’t need to change to actually get a guy.

  12. Hey guys actually to be honest not all lebanese women are that “negative” but let’s face it a big percentage is, even though they have potential and are cultivated… as for being a true friend, give advices, generous… well that could be any woman in the world. Actually i’m dating a woman from europe and i can tell you it is the best relation i’ve had so far and the weird thing is when people discover this and i’m talking about the (male gender) they all tell me ” a7san chi f*** lebanese women ma bie3ejboun chi… bddak tnattif 7alak kermeloun… i even heard this from married guys, and as you can see around you nowadays many lebanese men are dating foreigner women, the question is why would they do this if there are so many single, beautiful and well educated ladies here? why the highest number of unmarried girls in the middle east is in Lebanon? I do agree with Nabil that Lebanese girls should keep their nose a bit down ( not all of them but a big percentage of them ) .

    • I feel i want to tell my experience with Lebanese girls with 2 questions i asked to my x girlfriend and to my current girlfriend:
      NB: My x was lebanese my current is european,i spent 7 years with my x and these answers i received them after 7 years.
      It is my second year with my current girlfriend and i asked the same questions.

      Question 1:
      I am living in a foreign country in a studio will you come and live with me if we get married:
      Fisat answer after 7 years: chou badak tgharebne ta t3ayechne bi 2enn djej
      Second answer: anywhere i will be with you we can be happy no worries.

      Question 2:
      What do you want for your wedding:
      First answer:typical lebanese
      Second answer: white dress only and you

      How may i not fall in love with my new girl and how do you want me not hate my x and talk badly about Lebanese girls.
      But i want to be positive here some girls are changing

      • Hey guys! I’m going to reply to both of you here in one comment as you are pretty much discussing the same thing. First, I’m really happy for you guys that you are happy in your marriage/relationship and I hope you always continue to be. For me, love doesn’t have any boundaries and I am all for one finding a soul mate that is from a different nationality or background. Also, nowhere in my post did I say that Lebanese women are better than others and I didn’t even compare them to any other nationalities. The only comparison I made was with the negative image that is always being projected of Lebanese girls, so really I’m not trying to discuss here which nationality is better than which.

        I’m aware that more Lebanese are getting married to foreigners, and I think it’s great because I love diversity. But it’s not just men who are selecting their partners from outside Lebanon, I have a lot of girl friends who are married to French men, Italian men, Norwegian men, Canadian men, American men, Non-Lebanese Arab men, etc… And no I am not talking about Lebanese guys who have another passport, I am talking about 100% foreigners. So I will ask my question the same way you asked yours: since they are free to choose any other women from their own nationalities, why would they choose Lebanese girls if they are as bad as you claim them to be and not worthy of being trophy wives?

        Anyway, this post isn’t about marriage or dating, it’s just about showing another side of Lebanese girls that do exist but that never gets talked about because people always find it easier to criticize and point out the negative.

        Thank you both for taking the time to read and for commenting!

  13. It doesn’t seem genuine, sorry but i am not convinced. I dealt with many Lebanese girls and none of them was as good as you described them. Maybe i was not lucky to meet the good ones, but i met all the bad ones.

    • Hey Susan, I really hope you meet the good ones soon! It’s difficult to come across genuine people in life, but they do exist. I wrote this post from the heart because I am lucky enough to know and to have those special ladies in my life.

  14. I am in the middle about this.. I’ve met some good ones and some bad ones. So I can’t generalize. However, I can tell you this: BOTH of them shared the same trait—They are materialistic in the sense that all they talk about is what the girl next to them is wearing. However, that is something I dislike in many girls, not just Lebanese girls. Nice blog by the way 😉

    • I have also met the bad ones (the negative, the hypocrites, the self-centered, etc..), but they don’t have a place in my life and I don’t let them be part of it. Luckily I also know the good ones and they are the circle of people I choose to surround myself with and the ones I wrote this post for. Of course, no one is perfect, even the good ones have their flaws! And yes I can relate to what you said about discussing what everyone else is wearing 🙂 I smiled a lot when I read that. Thank you for commenting and thank you for checking out the rest of my blog too 🙂

    • This is exactly the kind of article that made me want to write this post. Not because I disagree with you, but because in my opinion the type of girls I wrote about exist just as much the ones you wrote about, and they also deserve an article of their own. I know that I am nothing like what you described and the girls I had in mind when I wrote this are also nothing like you described and I don’t think it’s fair that we have to be defined by this description just because we are Lebanese. So while you choose to market the negative side, I choose to market the positive side because someone’s gotta do it. Other than that, I wanna say that I checked the rest of your blog and I love the idea of your book. You are obviously someone who wants to empower women and I really admire that. I know you wrote this article because you are fed up with these kind of women, I am also fed up with these women representing us and I don’t think they are worthy of having any article dedicated to them, which is why I chose to dedicate this post to the other type of Lebanese women, the type that never gets talked about. Thanks for passing by here and best of luck with your book!

      • Actually I felt that my articles against Lebanese women made you write that article, and while i was going through your post i felt as if you are replying to each and every paragraph…
        thank you again for passing by and your wishes.

      • I actually wrote this post in January but it somehow became popular this month 🙂 There are so many articles like yours out there and they all repeat the same things over and over again. At least yours ends with a positive and hopeful note so that is one thing I did like 😉

  15. Dudzi, thank you for such a heartfelt post, it shows that you are tired of fending off accusations about Lebanese girls being, well, all what was mentioned above. I am sure many girls feel that these attributes you wrote about also apply to them, be they Lebanese or otherwise, as many of the comments also stated. That’s true, that’s great, and that’s also irrelevant. I believe the point of your post was “Real Lebanese girls are not as bad as they are made out to be” and NOT ” Lebanese girls are the best in the world and nobody comes close to our amazingness”. I’m sorry, but after reading the many comments here, I realised that some people will understand only what they want to, not the point being made by the writer. These are the same people who said “yeah well all the Lebanese girls I know were mean, snobby….”. To all of you people I say, yes there are many girls like that, both in Lebanon and abroad, but that doesn’t mean we are ALL like that, and AGAIN, this was the point of the writer. To those guys proclaiming that foreign girls are better than Lebanese ones, that’s absolutely fine, it’s your choice that matters. But it’s also your prejudiced point of view that allows you to look at all Lebanese girls and judge them as equally bad. That is not only unfair, but impossible, regardless of how many Lebanese girls you know, they are not the majority, and you know what, sometimes if they know what’s best, those wonderful Lebanese girls won’t make themselves known to people like you.
    As an end to this long reply, I just want to say that it’s always easier to criticise others than it is to defend yourself, and Dudzi did an excellent job in expressing her feelings and stating her ideas without insulting or judging anyone else. Now that’s a valuable trait across genders and nationalities.

    • Hey Nat! Wow, I really don’t know what to reply to such a beautiful comment. Thank you so, so much. I’ve re-read your comment over and over again and I’m really touched. It feels good to know that someone else understood the purpose of this post and the message I was trying to convey. You described perfectly well what I was trying to explain to all the people who commented, and I really couldn’t have said it better myself. And I especially want to thank you for the beautiful conclusion you wrote about me in the last part of your comment, this is the most special feedback I have gotten so far and I truly appreciate it. Thank you again for reading and relating to my post, thank you for understanding and supporting me, and thank you for having such a positive spirit that brings others up.

  16. Loved what you wrote…in fact, in many many occasions (I live in the gulf) I met people whom were shocked that I am Lebanese…they just go: r u sure ur Lebanese!!!

    • Thank you for your comment Safaa! I am happy to know you loved my post and that you can relate to it! Please keep on shining and spreading the beautiful image of Lebanese girls!

  17. meh… you’re also being stereotypical… plain words taken out of a 5th grade text book.. i duno why this article buzzed on facebook today.

  18. Dudzi,
    I rarely comment on any article I read. But this one really touched me, even as a married man. Unfortunately, some plastic girls are taking the lights and giving this bad reflection to our society , and those are just few… anyway, just ignore those shallow comments about grammar mistakes as there is a deep meaning in your words and a direct message which can become a mission to start a campaign aiming to empower the smart, elegant, open minded, hard worker, ambitious and….. girl image in Lebanon.
    keep on the good posts…

  19. Hey,
    As a black Arab I fiend the Lebanese, not just the girls, to be the most racist people on the planet and that saddens me. I am a model and I’ve had many very attractive female friends some were German, Swedish, Emiratti, Egyptian, Libyan, American, Syrian, Jordanian . . . even Israeli, but never Lebanese. What’s wrong with you people! I don’t want this to be about racism, but I do hope that the real Lebanese girl is colour blind and not blinded by colour! 🙂

  20. Wonderful article; This is the mother who has transmitted her values to me, the wife who is devotedly loving her husband, the daughter who has inherited and lives all these values. I am really blessed and may God bless the Real Lebanese Woman. I love you RLW.

  21. So, i read the article, and look for the author -> a woman… well, no surprise
    I really like your writing, and i have nothing against it, please dont get me wrong
    But what you wrote is how girl see themselves, depsite how ‘smart’ they try to act. What you said might have been true 100? 200 years ago ? But now, its the idea that each girl get when she looks in the mirror…. before starting the makeup ritual
    i wish what you wrote still stands, but it was right like reading a fairytale: it aint gonna happen
    NO, am NOT saying boys are saints, or ‘Kings’ as woman are ‘Princess’, its not my point…. it just aint there
    And ofcourse, proof to what i just wrote, i know 4 of the people who replied here, saying ‘omg!! thats soo touching!! blablabla’, beleive me they have nothing to do with what you wrote

    Anyway, nice writing again, i really like the style, plain and simple

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