While you dream, make sure to live

While you dream, make sure to live

We all want certain things in life. And we’ve all been told that nothing is impossible and that we have to fight for what we really want. It’s all about us, what’s in our minds, what’s in our thoughts.

But have you ever reached a point where you’re too fixated on your dreams and how to get there that it actually becomes stressful? Where you become too frustrated because it’s all you can think of and you just can’t stop obsessing about it?

When the path to our dreams starts standing in the way of our happiness, when we can’t enjoy the simple things just because all our focus is on our dreams, when we refuse to be happy or to be satisfied until we get to where we want… Then it’s time for us to wake up. Snap out of our dreams, relax for a moment, take a deep breath, and enjoy right now

Written & Designed by Dudzi.


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