A little escape…

A little escape...

Is it your boss shouting? Or your mom going on and on about something? Maybe your friend complaining about how nothing is going right? Whatever it is, sometimes we just can’t take it anymore and we need to get away…

So shut your ears and let your imagination take you to a quieter and prettier place, where the sun shines and where the people smile 🙂

So tell me, where does your mind go to when it escapes?

Written & Designed by Dudzi.


2 thoughts on “A little escape…

  1. That`s exactly the place I imagine I`m at when I need a vacation. A sunny, relaxed place, with nice beaches and happy people. In my case it`s a small island and it does exist.. back to my roots. 🙂 I love the picture, it`s colorful.

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