Real L.O.V.E.

Real L.O.V.E.

Real Love is not about just one day of the year. It is not expressed by overpriced red roses, gigantic teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolate or racy red lingerie. It is not defined by how fancy the dinner is or how shiny the jewelry is.

Real Love is about the rest of the 364 days, where two hearts complete each other and beat together in harmony.

Real Love does not need an occasion to be celebrated. It is expressed each day by care, trust and respect. It is defined by little things that make a huge difference. It is about appreciating one another, never taking each other for granted, and raising each other up 365 days a year.

Cheers to Real Love!

Photographed, Designed & Written by Dudzi.


2 thoughts on “Real L.O.V.E.

  1. Wow I love this! Real love shouldn`t be shown only on Valentine. It should come as a surprise, regularly and even better, daily. I love this post! Thanks a lot for sharing. šŸ™‚

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