Things we should do more often in Life

I often find myself saying something like “We should do this more often!” or “Why haven’t I done that before?!” after a really great and meaningful time. It makes me realize that I’ve been taking life too seriously (or even too lightly) or just falling victim of what we call the “daily routine”. Sometimes we don’t realize it, but we’re just living to live. Letting each day pass, no different than than the previous day, and no different than the next day. Even our normal hangouts and activities become plain, dull and meaningless, and so do our relationships. I feel it mostly in the winter, when I become too lazy and end up going with the flow of the boring routine. And I often need to remind myself that it is up to me to keep my life interesting and meaningful. So here are a few things that, in my opinion, we should do more often in life to make it more fun and enjoyable!

Things we should do more often in life: laugh, quality time, break rules, play, smile, pamper yourself, enjoy the free things, think positive - by Dudzi

Laugh hysterically:
You know, that big and loud laugh that is unstoppable. The kind of laugh that makes tears roll down your face. The kind of laugh that you can’t bring to stop even if you wanted to (but why would you want to?). The kind of laugh that is contagious and makes everyone around you burst into equal laughter. The kind of laugh that makes you forget the reason you were laughing in the first place. The kind of laugh that heals and that feels so good afterwards as if a whole weight has been lifted off your chest.

Spend quality time with family and friends:
Eating in the same room with your family doesn’t count as quality time. Neither does a gossip session with your friends, or a catch-up coffee where everyone is fixated on the screen of their smartphone. Put a little more efforts into your relationships and spend quality time with your family and friends and create memorable moments with them. Think of fun activities that you can do with your family to connect. Have heart-to-heart moments with your friends, call and check up on them more often, be there for them, have more conversations and less casual chats, and plan special outings to enjoy together.

Break the rules:
Yes, you heard me right. Break the rules. That’s what they were made for after all, right? Well, I don’t mean that we should always do this, but once in a while, why not? Don’t be too hard on yourself and follow every rule. Sometimes you miss out on too much when you do! Go ahead and have that big and oh-so-yummy chocolate cake you’ve been craving for. Wear those ripped jeans to work without giving a damn. Make fun of your boss a little. Do things your own way instead of the way you’re supposed to do them. Take a picture next to that sign that says “No pictures”. Party on a weekday and sleep in late. Sneak in your own snacks at the movies. Break your curfew. Act completely crazy in a place where you’re supposed to have your manners. What the hell, park beside that “No Parking” sign. Just do whatever you feel like doing because you can. It feels so good to break a rule every now and then, especially if you get away with it!

Remember the early school days when we had recesses and play time? Don’t you sometimes miss those days? Wouldn’t it be great if we could still get a recess and some play time as well? Who said we can’t? Who said we’re too old for games? Release the child inside you and go out and play! Go to an amusement park, enjoy some cotton candy and blast yourself on the bumping cars. Jump in that pool and splash everyone around you. Play a game of cards with friends, or Monopoly, Pictionary, or even Twister. Build a snowman and have a snow ball fight. Go bowling, take on some adventurous water activities, participate in a karaoke competition and sing real loud, ride a bicycle, go roller-blading, have a paint ball fight. Go on a picnic and play some outdoor activities. Goof around. Just play. And have fun. No, have a blast.

Make people smile:
Give a compliment. Hold the door for someone. Say a joke to change someone’s mood. Offer your help. Do something thoughtful. Be kind. Smile to people and make them smile. You might brighten someone’s day without knowing it. The good that you do will always come back to you. And the more you make people smile, the more you smile yourself.

Reward yourself with a gift:
Does it ever feel like your salary keeps on magically disappearing? On never-ending bills, transportation, groceries, casual cloths for everyday, medicine and products, gifts (you know, the birthdays that keep coming, the weddings that keep happening, the babies that keep popping, and the special occasions that need to be celebrated), gym memberships, a few outings, a bit of charity, and a little bit of savings on the side… But what about you? Yes, you. The person that worked hard for all this money and to pay all those bills. You also deserve to be pampered, and you definitely deserve a gift from yourself! Even if you’re a bit tight, it’s OK to splurge a bit on yourself every now and then. So go get yourself those branded shoes or that professional camera you’ve always wanted. Treat yourself to a relaxation day at the spa. Enjoy the concert of your favorite band in the VIP front-seat section instead of on your tiptoes in the back. Upgrade your phone to the latest model, or get the latest technology gadgets. Book yourself a ticket and travel to your dream destination. Re-decorate your house. Invest in some good sports cloths and equipment. Sign up for a new class. Or get whatever it is that you’ve had your eye on! Don’t be the last priority when it comes to your spending. You don’t need to overdo it and go broke, but do take care of yourself and do reward yourself with a gift from time to time. You sure as hell deserve it!

Enjoy the free and simple things:
So while you do splurge on yourself a bit, don’t forget to also enjoy the free and simple things that life has to offer. A sunny day. A walk by the bay. Relaxation in the mountains. The beauty of nature. A beautiful sunset. A hug. A compliment. A smile. A good laugh.

Think Positive:
Worry less, stop obsessing over little things, and don’t waste your energy on negative thoughts or on things and people that don’t matter. Think positive and more positive things will come your way. Focus on the positive thoughts and you will feel more relaxed, happy and satisfied. Have faith, hope for the better and be thankful for all that you already got.

So tell me, what do you think you should be doing more often in your life?


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