Can’t get enough of being awake…

Can't get enough of being awake...

I’ve always loved sleeping in the morning, it’s just a bad habit that I can’t get myself to break. On the weekdays, I keep snoozing and snoozing the alarm and the process of waking up is an absolute torture. On weekends, I enjoy waking up late whenever I can and sometimes skip morning activities to get more sleep (except when there’s a yummy breakfast involved or a fun road trip to go to). No matter how much sleep I try to steal in the morning, it never feels enough and I simply can’t get enough of sleeping… But lately I started realizing that by the time I’m up, a big part of my day is already gone. Time wasted not living. Time that can’t be bought back. Maybe that’s why I always tend to stay up late, because my day just wasn’t long enough and my mind needs more hours of being awake…

This weekend was one of those few ones where I woke up considerably early. And it felt awesome. I had more energy, more time to do all the things I wanted, I felt happier and my weekend was also somehow longer. Yes, the more we sleep, the shorter our weekend. And so I realized that as much as I can’t get enough of sleeping, I also cant get enough of life and being awake… Do you notice that when you travel, you wake up much earlier because you want to take advantage of the full day and because you have something to look forward to? Maybe I just need to look forward to something. To life. To living. So this is one of my new life resolutions: snooze the alarm less often, take advantage of the hours of each day at its fullest, and always have something worth waking up for… I hope I’ll be able to hold on to this promise! (I did it today, let’s see how tomorrow will go!)

Written & Designed by Dudzi.


6 thoughts on “Can’t get enough of being awake…

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