Start Today!

Start Today!

If there’s one thing we’re all good at (me included!), it’s procrastinating, postponing and delaying. From little tasks to bigger life goals, we just can’t seem to get on it today and always find an excuse to throw it off for another day.  But if we keep doing that, how will we ever move forward?

Today, step out of your comfort zone and do something! Stop postponing everything until another day and get started now! Forget about “Tomorrow”, “Next Week”, “Next Month” or “Monday”. Make time and stop creating excuses.

“I’m too tired”, “I’m too busy”, and “I don’t have time” won’t work! Get on that To-Do List and start ticking off items; do the things you’ve been postponing for so long! Laziness is not an option; create your own motivation and start your day with energy!

It may be hard to push yourself but you’ll feel so good afterwards. Start with something every day; start now, start today!

Written & Designed by Dudzi.


3 thoughts on “Start Today!

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    • Hehe, I hear ya! You have no idea how much I procrastinate, I wrote this post to motivate my own self. It worked for a week! But I come back to this post often to fuel back on motivation again 🙂 Am happy you like the designs!

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