What if no one cared?

What if no one cared?

What if society didn’t look down on us?

What if we didn’t have to worry about how our parents would feel?

What if people didn’t “talk”?

What if gossip didn’t matter?

What if there was no right and no wrong?

What if we could behave the way we wanted, and not the way we’re expected to?

What if everyone minded their own business?

What if we had no one to impress but ourselves?

What if we didn’t depend on anyone?

What if it didn't matter what others think - by DudziWhat if there was no taboos?

What if we didn’t have to worry about letting anyone down?

What if there was no boundaries, no rules, no limits, no expectations?

What if we had no reasons to be ashamed, and every reason to be proud?

What if we didn’t have to justify anything to anyone?

What if our lives were our own?

What if you could just be YOU without giving a damn about what others think…

We are always so consumed with what others think of us, what people expect from us, what is socially accepted, and what pleases others. We seek recognition and acceptance, and we are constrained by what is considered to be right, acceptable, and honorable. We allow people to limit our thoughts, our actions, our words, our freedom, our capabilities, our growth, and our character. We become who people expect us to be, rather than who we want to be. We put our passions aside, keep our thoughts to ourselves, and burn the flames within us so that we are not frowned upon. We are too afraid to explore the desires within us, to cross the red lines set out by society, or to do anything unusual or different in fear of being controversial, in fear of being labeled. We are submissive creatures: submissive to people’s needs, to society’s rules and limits, to the expectations that surround us… But what if no one cared? What if there was no limit to who you could be and what you can do? What if “I” were to stand confidently and proudly among the crowd without worrying about what is being said? Imagine all the possibilities…

© Scribbles & Thoughts, 2013.

7 thoughts on “What if no one cared?

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  2. Girlfriend! You have done it once again! I love this post as well.I try to live as though no one cares, but then have to pull myself back at times. LOL! This was very inspiring and deep…

    • Thank you Cheryl for your always so kind words! It’s true I said we should live like no one cares, but positive comments are always much appreciated!

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