Spring cleaning time: Throw away the negative!

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring, and it was a beautiful and sunny day where I live (I wish I could say the same about today though). Which got me thinking about how relieved I am that Spring is finally here. I wouldn’t say that spring is my favorite season, since for me summer beats any season by far, but still, I love spring. To me spring has a lot of charm and it represents hope and new starts. I’m pretty sure I have Seasonal Affective Disorder: I find winter too dull and depressing, and summer so lively, fun and exciting. So to me, spring means that after the long and depressing winter days, I’ve almost made it! Summer is around the corner and the hard part is over! Spring is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: I’m not quite there yet, but I can finally see the sunshine and the blue skies. And the blossoming flowers and beautiful colors of spring are simply wonderful to see after the dark winter days. It gives me something to look forward to. It’s like a transition phase that prepares me for going from depression to happiness.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not THAT depressed in winter. I just don’t like it much! And if you see how happy I am in summer, you will surely notice a great difference! I really cannot relate to Lana Del Ray when she sings about summertime sadness. But oh well, she probably doesn’t relate to what I’m saying now either.

But anyway, my point today is not to share with you how I feel about spring or any other season. I am writing about spring because there is something very inspirational behind this season, and it is called spring cleaning. Yes, if there’s one thing spring is popular for, it’s definitely spring cleaning. But I am not talking about spring cleaning your houses, your closets or your messy offices. I am talking about spring cleaning your life. Throwing away the negative and letting your life shine with the positive.

Spring cleaning time: throw away the negative and let your life shine with the positive - by Dudzi

Spring clean our Facebook list:
We spend such a considerable amount of our time on Facebook, more than we even realize. Yet, our Facebook list is filled with “friends” that we never interact with, “friends” who pretend they don’t see us if we bump into them on the streets, “friends” we lost touch with long ago but are still on our list, “friends” who always write negative comments whenever we post anything, “friends” who bombard our news feed with useless details of their not-so-interesting life, “friends” we’ve only met once at a common friend’s party and never saw again, exes we’re still “friends” with… The list goes on. But why willingly waste our time on people that don’t matter? Time to spring clean our Facebook list, throw away all the unnecessary “friends” and keep only those who matter.

Spring clean the people in our life:
Just like we don’t need unnecessary friends on our Facebook list, we also don’t need negative people in our lives. People who bring us down and demotivate us, who don’t appreciate us enough, who constantly put us in bad moods, who don’t wish us well or secretly compete with us, who always complain and never have anything positive to say, who manipulate us, who take advantage of us and our kindness. These people should be eliminated from our life. We don’t need them, they add nothing positive to our life. It’s not always easy to do that because some of these people are somehow forced into our lives and we have no control over their presence (common friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members, in-laws, etc…). But even if we can’t totally avoid them, we should learn how to deal with them and minimize the impact they have on us. Create a distance, put limits, ignore their nonsense, know their games and beat them at it, stand up for ourselves, don’t allow them to walk all over us, know how they think, how they get ticked off and always be in control of the situation. Once we have these people figured out, once we stop giving them the importance that they don’t deserve, then nothing they can do can get to us because they simply won’t matter. So let’s spring clean all the negative people out of our life and just focus on the positive people that bring out the best in us, cherish the ones that motivate us, help us, push us, and cheer for us, surround ourselves with the people that genuinely love us and want the best for us. Those people are jewels, and we should never let them go.

Spring clean our thoughts:
While it’s very important to spring clean the people around us, we must also realize that it’s even more important to spring clean the thoughts deep within us. Get rid of all our negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Look at life with a new perspective and appreciate the things it has to offer. Stop searching for someone to blame and stop projecting our bad moods on others. Get rid of all our fears and barriers and see everything as possible. Stop feeling like a victim. Have hope, have faith. Believe in ourselves, believe in life.

Spring clean our actions:
Positive thoughts are wonderful, but they won’t get us too far if we don’t take any actions. So let’s get rid of our laziness and replace it with actions, energy and motivation. Now that spring is here, we have no more time to waste and no more excuses! All the things we put off during our lazy winters days? Time to do it now! The work we postponed and that needs to be finished before taking our vacation? Time to get on it now! The extra weight we’ve been comfortably hiding under our sweaters? Time to lose it now! The wishlist, resolutions and goals we gave up on after the first week of January? Time to start ticking them off now! The boring routine we’ve gotten used to during winter? Time to break it, spice it up and add some adventures to it now! Yup, Spring gets us moving and it’s amazing all the things we can set our minds to achieve during spring. So let’s spring clean our actions, throw away our laziness, fuel up on motivation, set out new goals, and start now!

So what are you waiting for? Get your cleaning tools, start spring cleaning your life, and let your soul shine through! And let me know which areas of your life you think need spring cleaning!


6 thoughts on “Spring cleaning time: Throw away the negative!

  1. Diana, I am so happy you wrote this post. I was thinking of doing something of this sort as well (great minds think alike), but you did a wonderful job and I love it! Keep up all the great writing and inspirational vibes you are sending out into the world. 🙂

  2. This is such a beautiful and true post! It doesn`t only fit with the time of the year but also with lots of facts. The Facebook part for example. As for us here in the Netherlands, the sun keep hiding so if you could please send me some of the sunshine over there…. 🙂

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