Don’t wait for Godot, take control of your own life!

Take control of your life

Are you the kind of person who just waits for things to happen? For opportunities to land in your laps? Or maybe you rely on others to be happy? Or blame others for your lack of luck and for not being happy? Perhaps it’s time to stop waiting for Godot to show up, to stop depending on others, and to stop being reactive.

If you really want your life to be better, to go in the direction that you want or to be more meaningful, you have to stop waiting for things to happen and just go out and make them happen. No one is gonna drive you towards your dreams or goals, and you certainly won’t get there if you spend your whole life sitting in the passenger seat. So stop being passive and take control of your own life. Take risks, change directions, and drive your life forward. Even if you get lost, even if you take the wrong direction, even if you come across diversions, and even if you take the long road, just keep driving and don’t look back. You’ll be surprised how much opportunities are waiting for you to find them (you might even find Godot somewhere along the way). And remember, your happiness is in your own hands.

Photographed by my friend Maria (since I was too busy playing with the big size chessmen).
Written & Designed by Dudzi.


8 thoughts on “Don’t wait for Godot, take control of your own life!

    • Thanks Nadyess! I was trying to pick a symbolic picture and I felt like this one spoke words and represented picking up the pieces in my own hands and making my own move in my own direction. Also I wanted to make the contrast and keep my dress colorful to represent life and hope in a sometimes dark world. I am really glad that you liked it and noticed the details 🙂 Enjoy the weekend, I hope you have more sunshine now!

      • And the message came out very well in combination with the picture! Yes Dudzi, we do have to make our own decisions and love doing them! Today the weather is beautiful over here and I`m really enjoying it, so thanks a lot for the sunshines you sent over to me! 🙂 You too have a lovely Sunday!

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