It’s all within you

Before dealing with our issues with others, we should first start dealing with the issues we have with ourselves. Instead of searching for what bothers us in others, we must first find what bothers us in ourselves. And if we want to see a change in others or in our relationships, the change must first come from deep within us. We won’t find peace of mind with others, if we are not in peace with ourselves first.

So if you suddenly find yourself too suffocated, too pressured, too fed up with the whole word, if you feel that all your relationships are degrading and that you no longer can stand to make the extra effort with anyone, if you start to see yourself as a victim of society and start becoming too negative, too aggressive and too grumpy, and if you find yourself always angry for no particular or valid reasons, then it’s time to realize that the world is not the problem and that there is something deeper than that, coming straight from within you.

Take time for yourself to figure out what the real issue is and where the roots of all this anger is coming from. Focus on making yourself better and on eliminating all the stress and negativity. Try to adapt a better lifestyle, eat healthier, meditate, exercise, sleep better, pamper yourself, take care of yourself and find ways to heal your soul.

Once you do so, you’ll have a lighter heart and you will find that dealing with others becomes much easier.

To see the world clearly, we must step out of the dark - by Dudzi

So tell me, what do you do when you feel that you’re too suffocated? How do you deal with your relationships and how do you drag yourself out of the dark?



9 thoughts on “It’s all within you

  1. I tend to do one of the things you mentioned, mediate. Now a days I feel like this word/this activity is just blow out of proportions. It’s hyped and quite hipster in fact. But if you really invest time in you meditation and you really put your heart into change. I believe it can change everyone’s daily life. It sure changed mine.

    • You’re right, meditation is being treated as the new trend as if it’s some form of fashion. But I’m glad to know it works great with you and bringing you positive changes, I should give it a try! I am considering trying Laughter Yoga, I heard it can be very healing. Thank you for reading and for your comment!

      • You should, I have come to figure out that all the things we think we should give a try, we are really ought to try. If you know what I mean? No idea comes from no where, therefor we should listen to ourself and really do what we want to do!

    • Thank you for the comment! I passed by your blog and I can tell that you are very determined to find proper ways to deal with various conflicts and issues 🙂 Keep it up! With respect to your post about women in the workplace, I think that attitude and determination really matter and that is what will get us to the positions and recognition we really want and deserve 🙂

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  3. Glad you are back and may I dare say…better than ever! You are so creative. The colors you use on your blog and that picture with the light coming out of what looks like hanging opened cans are all great!

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