Weigh your words carefully

The power of YOUR words

Did you ever stop to think how powerful your words can be? How much impact they can have on the people around you? How much they can inspire someone? Or how much they can hurt?

We may not realize it, but our words can have a huge impact on someone’s mood, whether positively or negatively. The words we speak have the power to totally uplift someone or to totally crush them.

When we share our stories, our pains, our happiness, our lessons, or our thoughts with someone, we can indirectly help them or inspire them. When we give compliments, we can make them smile for the rest of the day. When we give valuable advice, we can make a huge difference in their life. When we give words of encouragement and support, we can give them strength. When we use words of love and appreciation, we can boost their confidence. When we give words of kindness, we can restore hope within them.

But when we laugh at their dreams, we can destroy their motivation. When we make un-thoughtful jokes, we can embarrass them. When we give nonconstructive criticism, we can crush their confidence. When we use disrespectful words, we can wound them. When we use words of discouragement, we can bring them down. When we don’t weigh our words carefully, we can hurt them.

So always weigh your words carefully before you speak and ask yourself: How do you want your words to affect the people around you? I know I always want to inspire them and lift them up. What about you?

Written & Designed by Dudzi.


4 thoughts on “Weigh your words carefully

  1. First I have to understand it well enough to practice it, then after a bit of that I can teach it… Feeling good enough about myself that no matter what they say, I won’t be knocked out of balance by their insecurity’s. I have carefully designed a life in which I am surrounded by people that love and empower me, and if for some crazy reason I find myself in a negative situation, I simply take a deep breath and say to myself “this too will pass”.
    People are being irrationally emotional, and it does take a bit of intuition and discernment in knowing who and what to surround ourselves with. So with that in mind… march on brave one.

    • Very well said! I love the attitude you’ve got going and I must say that’s a great life you have designed for yourself, I salute you! In this post, I wanted to mainly focus on how our words can positively influence others, but I couldn’t leave the negative aspect behind… But since this post was about the power of our own words, I was thinking of making a sequel post on how to react to the words of others. But now that I read your comment, I’m not sure I’ll be able to put it in a better way than you did 🙂 Thank you again for your comment! And keep marching!

  2. Yes please write that post, anytime we decide to focus our attention on the positive, our whole world starts to shift. Your words can be just as beautiful as mine. Because it’s words on screen means they can be thought out. Long time ago when I started connection to my heart, I would touch myself there as to connect to and think from there, now it’s just automatic. So please write that post, and write it from your heart. I would be honored to read it.

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