One Positive Thought a Day

About a month ago, I embarked on a self-healing/purification journey. I had reached a phase where I was too over-sensitive, easily angered and impatient, not satisfied with anything, and didn’t feel like making any extra effort with anyone including myself. The positive, sweet and happy person that I was had gone missing and I knew I had to do something to bring her back. I decided that it was time to look deep within me instead of searching for faults in others, and take back control of my life, thoughts and actions in order to heal my mood. I realized that enough was enough and that this negative and sad person that took over me had to go. And so I started a one month positive challenge for a better, healthier and positive me. Now, one month later, I feel much lighter, happier and energetic, and life is starting to feel good again.

This healing journey and positive challenge didn’t consist of a major change of lifestyle. I didn’t travel and leave everything behind, I didn’t go through a spiritual revelation, I didn’t start meditating, I didn’t seek therapy (though I am sure all the above would have helped as well). It was something far more simpler than that. All it took was: one positive thought per day. Yes, it is amazing how just one positive thought/action per day can make a huge difference and drive your life and spirit back on the right track.

Have you ever felt that you need to make a change in your life or step out of a certain mood or situation you’ve been in? If yes, then I really recommend that you try this one month positive challenge. Trust me, it really does help.

In order to start, the first step in your healing process is to dig deep within you and find out what are the issues you want to deal with, what is bringing you down, what do you want to work on and improve, and what do you want to get rid of. Once you have figured this out, the next step is to really want to get better and to really be willing to make changes. It has to come from the heart. Some people really enjoy drowning in their negative thoughts, they like to complain but they don’t really want to change. They enjoy feeling like victims and attract drama to their life because it is the only way they know how to get attention. To make positive changes in your life, you have to really want them. Once you do, you are ready to take the positive challenge.

The idea behind the one month positive challenge is to start with a positive step each day. You can’t change your life around overnight, but every day you can get better. And so the trick is to, for one whole month, let each day be defined by at least one positive thought or action and write this thought/action down. One positive thought/action each day, written and shared with others. It could be words of self-encouragement, it could be positive actions, it could be about the way you feel, something you’ve accomplished, a new healthy habit, a positive change, a meaningful quote or article, an activity you’re indulging in, a touching moment, a good deed done, a person that inspired you, something that made you happy or that made you feel good about yourself. It could be ANYTHING you can think of that brings positive vibes your way. You can share it with your friends through Facebook status updates, tweets, blog posts or any other way you can think of. Although you are doing this for yourself, it is much easier to follow a challenge all the way and not quit when you tell people about it. And you’d be surprised how much encouragement you will receive from friends and contacts, and how many people will even be inspired by your own positive thoughts.

One positive thought or action a day can make a huge difference in your life - by Dudzi

In the beginning, it will be a bit challenging to get rid of the negative thoughts and emotions that will pop up along the way (it is called a challenge after all), and sometimes you might feel that there are days when you can’t come up with anything positive to say, share or do. But the important thing is not to give up and not to feel that what you are doing is meaningless. Just stay determined, keep your eyes on the target, be confident, remind yourself that you will come out of this as a better you, and tell yourself that nothing will bring you down. This might mean that for a while, you will have to avoid negative people or people who have a negative effect on you so that they won’t discourage you or so that they won’t pull you back with them into their negative world. Luckily, after a while of following the positive challenge, you will find that these people will affect you less and less with time and that dealing with them becomes easier.

It is also better that you first start by focusing on yourself, taking care of yourself and making yourself better before you move on to making your relationships better and helping others. You need to see a positive change in yourself before you can make any positive changes in people and in your relationships.

And finally, always remember that thoughts should always come in parallel with actions. It is not enough to only write down positive thoughts, as a big part of this challenge consists of taking positive actions as well. If you want positive results, you have to work for it. So this month, be unstoppable, be positive, and go out there and do what needs to be done!

To help you get inspired, here are a few random statuses that I posted during my one month challenge:

Day 1: Defy your cold and hit the gym!
Day 6: Reading a touching message from a very dear friend can make a huge difference…
Day 10: Overwhelmed by the messages & encouragement I’ve been receiving since I started this daily challenge! It’s amazing how the people that ask about you the most are the ones you see less often…
Day 11: Ain’t no rain gonna ruin MY weekend! Gonna dress up, glam up and party up!
Day 13: Who said you can’t dance on a Monday?
Day 20: Recharged with positive energy!
Day 30: being a GIVER is much more rewarding than being a TAKER.

Do not underestimate the power of this challenge. With just one positive thought/action a day, you can really improve your lifestyle, your mood, your relationships and your thoughts in just one month. Think of it as a detox period for a better and healthier you, and for better and healthier relationships. You really will come out of this with a lighter heart and a positive soul. Of course, don’t just stop there once the one month challenge is over! Keep up the positive habits that you’ve created and make it a point to always stay positive and to always be happy!



6 thoughts on “One Positive Thought a Day

  1. Sorry, to hear you had a bum moment and at times we all do. However, I am so glad the sweet, kind and awesome Dudzi is back. 🙂 I enjoyed this post. Keep those positive thoughts flowing! Have a great upcoming week my friend…

  2. Beautiful written as always! I`m sorry to read that you went go through a difficult period but I`m glad to know that you over won that period by using this “One month Challenge” created by yourself. Great! 🙂 Those are the moments that make you a stronger and a more beautiful person than you already are. Have a wonderful week and keep thinking positive everyday! 🙂

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