Miracle of Life

Miracle of Life

In life, we are always waiting for a miracle to happen. We are always searching for something better, always hoping for more, never feeling that we have it all, and always waiting for the next big thing… We forget to live in the moment, to be grateful for all that we have, to look around us and appreciate all the beautiful things our eyes see. But mostly, we forget to realize that LIFE in itself is the biggest miracle…

Always be in awe with life. Remember that today is a miracle, and make the most out of it.

Photographed, Designed & Written by Dudzi.


4 thoughts on “Miracle of Life

  1. There is beauty all around us, as you stated we have to open our eyes and see and appreciate it. I just love your blog and your creativity, it makes me smile whenever I visit your blog, and girl…I am not one to walk around smiling all day. LOL!

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