Meeting Inspiration Halfway

Do you sometimes feel that your sense of creativity has abandoned you? Maybe feeling a little stuck and not able to get much out of you? Finding it difficult to get inspired?

This is more or less how I’ve been feeling lately. Out of creativity. Out of ideas. Out of imagination. Out of inspiration. (Which explains the lack of posts lately). OK well I wouldn’t say totally out of ideas. It’s more like blurred or vague ideas that I couldn’t get my mind to really develop.

And I hate that feeling. I hate feeling stuck. Because usually, I’m the kind of person that gets inspired easily, and thoughts and ideas come flowing right at me. So standing in front of a blank paper and not being able to fill it really drives me crazy.

But then the other day, while I was having coffee with my friend in one of my favorite coffee shops, I saw this:

Meet Inspiration Halfway - Scribbles & Thoughts

I usually prefer writing my own words and creating my own images for Scribbles & Thoughts, but this is something that touched me way too much and that I just had to post (and I did take that picture after all). Because this was exactly what I needed to see after all those months of being uninspired: “When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it”. Wow.

It’s funny how we always wait for inspiration to hit us, to strike us, and to take us by storm. How we sometimes think that it is inspiration’s job to come to us, and our job to wait for it. Feeling uninspired is something very normal, and we all feel not very creative at some point and run short of ideas. But in life, we gotta work for everything and we gotta realize that waiting gets us nowhere. Even when it comes to finding inspiration. Seeing this quote made me realize that it’s also on us. We gotta give inspiration a hand, a chance to find us.

And so I decided that this is exactly what I’m gonna be doing from now on: Meeting inspiration half way. Whenever I feel that I am running out of inspiration, of creativity, I will go and meet inspiration and creativity halfway. And when I find inspiration, I will not stop there either. Because, like I once wrote in one of my very first posts: “it’s not what inspired us that really matters, it’s what we do when we’re inspired“.

Happy Inspiration everybody! It feels really great to be back on track here!


6 thoughts on “Meeting Inspiration Halfway

  1. I am so glad to see you back! I can totally relate to your post (another goodie)! This post has been an inspiration to me and when I get STUCK I will meet inspiration half way as well…or come to Scribbles & Thoughts for some. 🙂 Great job!!!

    • Cheryl thank you so much for this beautiful comment, and all your other comments as well! I just came back from a vacation in London (where I was meeting inspiration and relaxation halfway 🙂 ), which is why it took me a while to reply. Always happy to know that I am able to inspire you, and hopefully I will have some new inspiring posts soon. Have a great week! 🙂

  2. Oh my what an inspiration and light bulb idea this passage! Listen lady Dudzi, if it wasn’t for your journey to the coffee shop, you wouldn’t have discovered that quote thus meeting inspiration half way. And your meeting inspiration wouldn’t have inspired me. To that end, your encounter was meant to be, and your “meant to be” met me because if I didn’t journey to your blog, I wouldn’t have found the essence of becoming inspired again. Now my ideas of being creative have been rekindled. What a blessing, no more blurs! Aha!😃😄😊 Excellente!!!

    Thank you.

    • Wow I really loved that “meant to be” part, nice way of looking at it! I am happy that you came across my blog and that I was able to help you get inspired again. Your comment gave me a lot of motivation and encouragement too, so a big thank you for that 🙂

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