A few things I’ve learned in 2015

As we’re reaching the end of the year, it’s that time again when we all look back at what we’ve accomplished during the year, what are the things that touched us or made our year, and what things we wish would have gone differently. It’s also that time when we contemplate on what we didn’t achieve throughout the year and what was missing, and when we set new goals and resolutions for the coming year.

2015 was a pretty defining year for me, with ups and downs of course. I can’t call it the best year of my life, nor can I say that it was a bad or mediocre year. What I can call it I guess is a turning-point year. A year where I’ve learned and grown a lot, changed perspectives and priorities, reached long awaited breakthroughs, and set a clear path for myself to follow.

Here are some of the things I learned in 2015 and thought I’d share with you:

  • Art is the best form of meditation and therapy.
  • People don’t change; their priorities do. And mine have changed drastically.
  • No matter how much good you do in this world, people will always remember you for the few times you messed up. Still, don’t ever let that be a reason to stop doing good.
  • When you stop caring about what everyone thinks, when you stop analyzing what every word means and start focusing on yourself instead, you create a virtual shell that protects you from any bullets people may shoot at you. And this is when you can really start moving forward.
  • In the long run, dreams and goals do become reality and your patience (combined with your hard work, positive mind and on-going commitment) will be rewarded.
  • It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start somewhere. The rest will follow.
  • There is nothing sweeter than to finally be able to touch something that was once only an idea or a dream.
  • Even the dreams or projects that you didn’t pursue til the end will lead you to a new destination or to a new project.
  • Books and travels are the two things you can spend your money on and come out richer.
  • Everyday, there is always something to be grateful for and something to smile about.
  • When you look back at your year, it is not what you have achieved that will make you smile the most, but the sweet memories of special moments shared with special friends, family and loved ones.
  • True and genuine friends should be cherished forever.
  • In the end, family and good health is all that matters.
  • There is no such thing as “harmless” gossip.
  • Love, honesty and communication are the key ingredients to good and healthy relationships.
  • The mind needs inspiration, creativity and passion to keep functioning.
  • We are all entitled to days-off. Days when we’re not productive, days when we’re not at our best, days when we’re feeling down, days when we just need to rest. What’s important is not to get too comfortable there and move along the next day.
  • The most important words in the English dictionary will always be “Please”, “Thank you” and “Sorry”.
  • What matters the most is what you give in to this world, and not what you take from it. Always be a giver, be thoughtful towards others, love, forgive, understand people and help whenever you can.
  • There is always more to be learned, there is always room for self-improvement, and there is always more to look forward to.

9 thoughts on “A few things I’ve learned in 2015

    • Thank you for your comment Mira! I’m glad my post inspired you and I hope that you will always be fueled with creativity and passion to overcome your anxiety! Will also be looking forward to reading your life lessons list on your blog 🙂

  1. Dear Dudzi,
    I want to thank you, for always providing positive messages within your blog post! You always know just what to say, to make us all think. 🙂 I also want to thank you, for your friendship throughout my years here on WordPress. You have been such a JOY and PlEASURE to interact with. 🙂 You are a such a beautiful person inside and out and I wish only the very best for you in 2016 and there after. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas or whichever holiday you may celebrate. Thank you, for being you! Until next year…keep that wonderful smile, that fantastic sense of humor and that heart full of gold! See you in 2016. Thanks, also for being a reader and commenting on my blog post, I greatly appreciate it! Best wishes, and much love and peace to you!

    Your friend!

    • GIRL!! Are you trying to make me CRY??? Wow your comment touched me so much, I don’t even know how to reply!!
      I can’t thank you enough for your positive and beautiful words and for seeing me in this way… Your comments always make me smile, but this one did a lot more than that! All I can say is that it takes one beautiful soul to see one, and that is exactly what you are! Have a fantastic New Year and I hope that it brings you lots of smiles, inspirations, love special moments, and good health! Cheers to you my friend!

  2. Hello, my lovely friend Dudzi! I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and to tell you I need to see some more work from you…:) I miss your creativity! No pressure, but your fans are waiting! 🙂 Stay beautiful my friend!

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